Northern Districts Cricket Put Entertainment Value on the Knights

Published on 30 Nov 2016

Northern Districts Cricket will have a naming shift this summer with the Knights brand to be used purely for the SUPER SMASH T20 competition.  In previous years, the Northern Districts men's team were known as the Northern Knights across all three formats of the game. This season will see Northern Districts represented as the Knights in the T20 format, dropping Northern from their name to extend the appeal to the further geographical reaches of the association's fan base.   In the Plunket Shield and Ford Trophy competitions the team will be known as Northern Districts.

The changes have come about to enable more direct targeting towards the SUPER SMASH audience.  Andrea Friar, Marketing and Brand Manager for Northern Districts Cricket Association says the new direction will allow a more focussed approach towards those looking for an entertainment experience. "With extracting the Knights brand from the traditional format of the game, we can really push the fast paced, entertaining and fun offered with the SUPER SMASH competition.  Previously this was muddied in our social media and other marketing where we would be talking to the traditional game audience and the SUPER SMASH audience in the same space - where in reality they are two different entities with different messages."

"We are hoping to extend the reach of cricket and attract a new audience - watching the Knights live not only offers fast paced cricket, but the stuff going on beyond the boundary - the kids zone, the music, food and entertainment, makes for a great time with friends and family."

The Knights and Northern Districts Cricket Association will in future have separate social media and website profiles to house the different needs of each brand.

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