Update on changes happening at Hamilton Cricket Association and Waikato Valley Cricket Association

Published on 20 Nov 2019

Northern Districts Cricket Association (NDCA) has been working closely with Waikato Valley Cricket Association (WVCA) and Hamilton Cricket Association (HCA) to improve how cricket is delivered across the Waikato.

This work is part of the wider, national 'One Cricket' initiative that NZC has been shaping over the past two years.

The purpose of change is to reinvigorate community cricket, including entry level opportunities along with our player pathway management, to provide more people (especially children) with increased opportunities to fall in love with our great game.

As part of these changes, NDCA, HCA and WVCA have implemented a shared services structure. Community cricket and administration functions will combine into one team - this consolidation of resources will allow for increased resources on the ground, supporting the cricket community.

The HCA and WVCA Boards have committed to these changes with a belief that when it comes to growing the game, boundaries are not relevant; what matters is that as many people play and love cricket as possible. 

"We are excited for the future of cricket in Hamilton and the wider Waikato," said Chair of HCA Paula Baker.

"We have a shared passion with Waikato Valley and ND to make cricket more accessible in our region and lift the resourcing levels where it matters most," added Baker.

"As the Chair of the Waikato Valley Cricket Association, I deeply understand the resources required to deliver cricket in a District," said long-standing Waikato Valley Chair Wayne Aberhart.

"It is an ongoing challenge to deliver the game to existing players as well as to try and grow the game.

"We have had some great success recently in Thames Valley with the addition of a development officer in that region.

"We are committed to the shared services and delivery model changes and are looking forward to the improved investment in our game," concluded Aberhart.

"I'm pleased that both HCA and WVCA District Boards have had the courage to undertake significant change for the good of the game," added Northern Districts CEO Ben MacCormack.

"They have been very thorough in their examination and contribution towards the new delivery model, which ensures more resources will be out in our communities".

What is changing:

  • Finance and administration functions will be centralised with a new team at NDCA

  • Competition Management will be centralised with a new role at NDCA (position currently being advertised)

  • Management of development activities across the Waikato will be consolidated under one role

What is staying the same:

  • Both HCA and WVCA have long and proud histories in representative cricket. Players of all ages will still be able to aspire to represent their District Associations. Representative programmes and representative boundaries will not change

  • The WVCA and HCA will continue to be responsible for oversight of cricket in each District. The Boards of the HCA and WVCA will oversee and direct the competitions and representative programmes in their Districts

  • HCA and WVCA Boards will retain control of financials and judiciary for competitions

Staff and Office Changes

As part of the shared services model, the following staff changes will take effect:

HCA - Janice Fraser will transition from the HCA to NDCA and continue in the same role as Pathway Manager - Waikato. Rupert Hodgson will be finishing in his role of General Manager after many years of service to the HCA. This change will be implemented by December 16 2019. 

WVCA - Development Manager Keith Vincent will transition to NDCA, with the opportunity to fully-focus on the community game as Development Manager - Waikato. Ramesh Subasinghe will also transfer to NDCA and continue in the same role of Development Officer - Thames & Coromandel. The transfer dates are being worked through.

As part of the shared services model, the following office changes will take effect:

HCA - The HCA office at Waikato University will close. All Hamilton-based staff will be based at Seddon Park with the wider NDCA team.

WVCA - The WVCA office at Seddon Park will close. All Waikato-based staff will still be located at Seddon Park with the wider NDCA team.

Further information

Before Christmas another update will be provided with new contact information and any other logistical changes.