National Coaching Framework

In August 2018, New Zealand Cricket (NZC) launched the National Coaching Framework to enhance the coach and player experience at the junior and youth grassroots game. This framework is aligned to the Sport NZ Coaching Strategy and is being implemented nation-wide for the 2018/19 season. Coaches that completed a qualification prior to August 2018, please see section below "Previously Qualified Coaches". Any Level 1 or Level 2 coaches that are qualified after 01 January 2015 are considered qualified. All Level 3 coaches regardless of course completion are considered qualified.

The National Coaching Framework focuses on the journey and development of 'how to coach', assisting coaches to deliver a safe, enjoyable and progressive season for all involved. To complement the Framework, Northern Districts Cricket Association (NDCA) has adopted a Welfare of Children & Child Protection Policy.

NDCA and District Associations greatly acknowledge the hugely valuable contribution that our community coaches provide to local children and communities. NDCA would like to say a big thank you, to all coaches for helping the wider NDCA community to best ensure a safe environment, and for all the energy and effort that each individual coach contributes to creating a progressive, fun and safe cricketing environment.

Coaches five-step process to be fully compliant for 2018/19

Please note that the purpose of this process is to best ensure a safe environment for all participants. From all of NDCA and the local Districts, thank you in advance for taking the time to complete this process.

For every coach with a team that includes players under 18 years of age, five steps need to be completed for the coach to receive the necessary qualification and 'active coach' status valid for three years. During this three year period, coaches will only be required to complete further qualifications if the playing level at which is being coached increases - e.g. Softball cricket coach changing to hardball.

The five step qualification process is outlined as below with all contact information listed for any further information (Select either 1a or 1b):

1a.) Unregistered coaches must Register with NZC Coaches Corner; click here to register

1b.) Existing registered coaches Log In with NZC Coaches Corner; log in here

2.) Complete "The Welfare of Children and Vulnerable Adults" guidelines/modules

3.) Complete the online coaching modules for the appropriate coaching level.  Each of the three courses listed below are FREE of charge. A hardcopy coaching manual which provides skills and drills is recommended for coaches who complete the Advanced Foundation. This manual costs $30.00. Click here to see the full NZC Junior Cricket poster which identifies the appropriate coaching level;

  • SuperStar Cricket Academy Course: Recommended for any parents, coaches or helpers regularly involved in a SuperStar Cricket Academy programme or similar

  • Foundation Cricket Course: Mandatory for coaches involved with junior teams which participate in softball leagues

  • Advanced Foundation Cricket Course: Mandatory for coaches involved with junior teams which participate in hardball leagues

4.) Attend the Practical module as run by the local district. Please note all online modules must be completed prior to attending the Practical session. Please note ID verification must be provided for police vetting purposes e.g. Drivers License or Passport. Please click here to see acceptable forms of identification.

Practical dates are set and can be registered for within the events calendar on the Coaches Corner Events page or alternatively coaches can contact the necessary person as below:

 Northland Paul Hope
 Counties Manukau Serena Somlyai
 Hamilton Nikki Howlett
 Waikato Valley Keith Vincent
 Bay of Plenty Tai Bridgman-Raison
 Poverty Bay Nicholas Hendrie

For coaches that do not know the local district or require any further information in relation to the National Coaching Framework, please contact the NDCA Coach & Umpire Development Officer Cliff Dickeson at

Across Northern Districts Cricket Association all organisations are committed to the ongoing support and development through best practice coaching of our community coaches. Coach developers are actively engaged and available to provide support to the regions registered coaches. Please contact the local District Association as above for further information regarding coach qualifications and available support.

Please note that Northern Districts Cricket Association leads the Performance Level Course, formerly known as the Level 2 coaching course. Attendees for this course need to be nominated by District Associations. This course runs on a 12 month cycle, with the 2018 course already completed. For information regarding the 2019 course, please contact Cliff Dickeson at

Previously qualified coaches

Coach a Cricket Team (CaCT) Coaches
  • Qualified after 01 January 2015: These coaches will be required complete the online Advanced Foundation modules only without having to attend a practical
  • Qualified prior to 01 January 2015: These coaches will be required complete the full Advanced Foundation course which includes both the online modules and practical session.

Foundation, HAG, Kiwi or Entrapment
  • Qualified after 01 January 2015: These coaches should complete the online SuperStar Cricket Academy Coach or Foundation modules
  • Qualified prior to 01 January 2015: These coaches should complete the full SuperStar Cricket Academy Coach or full Foundation modules.

Level 1 Coaches Qualified prior to 01 January 2015
  • These coaches should have started the Development course prior to 31 December 2018 as a minimum requirement*. The $40.00 fee (payable to local District Associations) covers the E-manual and online Admin costs which coaches will be able to access.

    *Alternatively, coaches can choose to complete the Advanced Foundation Course for free if that qualification is more appropriate to the level at which the coach is active.

Level 2 Coaches Qualified prior to 01 January 2015
  • These coaches should attend any two modules of the next Level 2 course but are not required to complete any of the assessments, workbooks or 100 hours of coaching. There is no cost to attend the modules.

Level 3 Coaches Qualified prior to 01 January 2015
  • All Level 3 coaches are considered qualified.

Coaches who started a coaching course but may not have fully completed the modules, did not receive a coaching certificate/qualification or are unsure of the year of completion, please contact Cliff Dickeson at