GoGirl Cricket

GoGirl is an exclusive girls' only cricket programme launched in January 2013 by Northern Districts Cricket.

The GoGirl Programme is currently piloted in a growing number of Primary and Intermediate schools around the Northern Districts region.

Please register below if you or your school are interested in taking part in the GoGirl Programme.

The GoGirl programme has been devised to cover 5/6 lessons, however it can be readily adjusted to suit available time, facilities and equipment and the number of girls involved.

The lessons are typically 45 to 60 minutes in duration covering the fundamental cricket skills of batting, bowling and fielding.

At the end of the programme schools will be encouraged to enter their GoGirl cricketers into GoGirl Festival Days where teams will get to compete against other GoGirl  school teams in their area, giving them the opportunity to show off their new found skills and the chance to win their Regional GoGirl Cup.

This is a fantastic initiative for girls sports, GoGirl!

If you are interested contact Kari Carswell, on 07 839 3783, or email by clicking here.