Mike Elliot appointed Northland Umpires ATO

Published on 15 Jul 2019

Northern Districts are pleased to advise that they have appointed Mike Elliot (a Northland Umpire) as Northland Umpires area training officer (ATO). Mike will have a close working relationship with ND's regional training officer (RTO) Doug Cowie.

Mike's role will be to conduct regular training sessions and will also be responsible for delivering level one and two courses for new umpires.

With Doug, he will arrange courses and exams for those that are wanting to sit level three and above. In addition, Mike will provide valuable feedback to ND around the progress of umpires in the Northland region. Northland currently do an outstanding job of recruiting students for the umpiring pathway, having three secondary school boys umpiring regularly.

ND are delighted with this appointment as not only ND, but umpires in Northland, will have a clear point of contact with new and existing umpires.