Community first as Waikato looks to the future

Published on 13 Dec 2019

HCA and WVCA's collaboration with Northern Districts Cricket Association (NDCA) continues to advance as all associations strive to improve the delivery of cricket across the Waikato. This work is aligned to New Zealand Cricket 'One Cricket' project, with NDCA CEO Ben MacCormack confident for the collaboration across all three organisations;

"Collectively we continue to lead the way in focussing on the participant and how we best service our communities. We thank WVCA and HCA for their continued buy-in to what is a really exciting development for cricket across the Waikato".

As part of the evolving structure, the following exciting developments have occurred since the first NDCA update on 21 November 2019:

Shared Services:

·Central Financial Administration:

NDCA have started to operate a centralised financial administration service, which is led by NDCA Finance Manager Chelsea Fleetwood. NDCA now led the day-to-day administration of the accounts, with each of the HCA & WVCA Boards continuing oversight of the finances.

Please see 'Contact Information' for details in relation to finance queries and requirements.

·Central Competitions Administration:

NDCA have advertised the 'Competitions & Communication' role and will now conduct interviews. An appointment is expected to be made before Christmas, with the new role to start in early January. This role will lead all competition administration and communication across the Waikato club and school competitions.

Please see 'Contact Information' for details in relation to competition queries

In addition to shared services, there are multiple developments across both the pathway and community game, with the WVCA Chair Wayne Aberhart commenting;

"The Pathway role was a new concept to the WVCA Board and we are pleased with the positive progress Janice has made in the role and are confident that she will grow the role in the coming year".

Further detail of Pathway and Community developments to date are listed below:

Pathway Operation:

·Both HCA & WVCA individual representative teams continue to perform in respective NDCA District tournaments across all levels and ages. WVCA and HCA field representative teams/players from each DA within the below tournaments:

oJunior & Secondary Girls (two separate teams)

oPrimary, Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary Boys (Three separate teams)

oBasil McBurney Trophy (DA 2nd XI Mens)

oFergus Hickey (DA 1st XI Mens)

oNorthern Premier League (NPL) - Replaced the DA 1st XI Womens competitions

·Janice Fraser (formerly HCA & WVCA) will transition to NDCA with the same role of 'Pathway Manager - Waikato' on Monday 16 December.

Please see 'Contact Information' for details in relation to Pathway queries

Development/Community Operation:

The most exciting feature of the new operating structure is the community element which aims to increase resource to grassroots cricket. With this purpose at the fore, NDCA, HCA & WVCA are excited to announce the latest additions to the community team which are focused to grow cricket and great experiences across the Waikato region. These changes are as follows:

·Keith Vincent (formerly WVCA) will transition to NDCA with a new role of 'Development Manager - Waikato' on Monday 16 December.

·Two new appointments have been confirmed to increase community resource direct into the grassroots game:

oMereana Hyde has joined NDCA in the full-time role of 'Development Activator - Waikato'. With an energy for providing equal opportunities across the community, Mereana (Meddy) will lead a focus on growing female participation across the Waikato community game.

oLachie Holt has been appointed in the full-time role of 'Development Officer - Hamilton & Raglan'. With a passion for growing cricket across diverse communities, Lachie will lead a focus on growing overall participation across the Hamilton and Raglan community game.

·Ramesh Subasinghe (currently WVCA) will transition to NDCA in the new year and retain his role as 'Development Officer - Thames & Coromandel'. A recipient of the 'Sports Personality of the Year' award from Sport Waikato Hauraki/Thames Coromandel Sports Awards, Ramesh has led the resurgence of cricket across the Thames & Coromandel region.

·NDCA will look to recruit a 'Development Officer - South Waikato' ahead of the 2020/21 season, as the region continues to focus on resourcing the community game directly at grassroots level.

"HCA are so pleased to see the additional resources reaching the community and look forward to the outcomes they will generate in increasing participation and the general communities experience with our great game." Paula Baker, Chair of HCA concluded.

With the appointment of three new full-time roles, cricket has never before been better resourced across the Waikato region. The three organisations combining energy and passion to focus on the heart of the game at community level.

To assist the community with knowledge of which roles focus on specific areas, as well as the finer contact details, please see the 'Contact Information' listings, which aims to connect the whole community within the new structure and clarify roles and responsibilities of staff which will be focused solely on the community and pathway structures. The focus to provide great experiences across all interactions within cricket.

The next update will be available in February 2020, but should you have any queries please feel free to contact any of the following organisations:

HCA Board:, Paula Baker (Chair)

WVCA Board: , Keith Vincent (Development Manager - Waikato)

NDCA:, Eimear Richardson (GM Community) or, Chelsea Fleetwood (Finance Manager)