Service to Cricket Award - A Labour of Love

Published on 06 Apr 2017

Glenn Schache received the Service to Cricket award at the Northern Districts Annual Awards last night.

Glenn Schache joined the Manurewa Club back in 1985. By his own admission he wasn't a successful player, but he found other roles in which he could make major contributions to his club - administrator, club captain, club delegate on the Counties Manukau management committee. 

In the early 1990's he became the scorer for the Counties Manukau rep team.  He also scored a few Northern Districts games and even an international ODI and a Test match.

As part of that role he started to collect scoresheets and statistics going right back to the earlier days of Counties Manukau when they played as Franklin.  He has compiled an extensive database of the District's representative history.

Around 2002 Glenn took up umpiring as well and with mentoring from Joe Stoupe and Tony Hill he progressed onto the Northern Districts panel, umpiring District Association rep games and NDA games.

In 2012 Glenn moved to Melbourne. He continued to umpire and is now a member at the Cricket Victoria Premier Umpiring panel.

But moving to Australia did not mean the end of his contribution to Counties Manukau. He has continued as their statistician, updating the statistics after ever game.  He compiles records and individual statistics for every Counties Manukau player.  The history of cricket in the area from Franklin's origin in 1957 to the current season has been a labour of love.  All done in his own time, all for no financial reward, and nowadays from another country.

The role of the statistician is easily overlooked. Most of their work goes on away from the playing fields, on their own, unseen by others.  But without them, much of the rich history of cricket would be lost. 

We thank and recognise Glenn Schache for his contribution to cricket.